Moms. Indications for lowering a aging body temperature of a child are:


Temperature increases are whiter than 39.5 in kids of any age.

The baby has a "pale fever", or hyperthermia syndrome.

Moderate body temperature (38,0-38,5 ° C) in a following groups of children:

Since severe diseases of a cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and other systems;

Babies ages 3-5 years old with a history of febrile seizures;

Age up to 2 months, so you suffer fever worse than older kids;

A rise in body temperature, if it is accompanied by a significant deterioration in newborn soundness and muscle and headaches.

However, pediatricians recommend not to shoot down the temperature of a child itself (only in emergency situations), and call the physician. All of antipyretic therapy must ideally be carried out under his direction and supervision. Because even a most innocuous antipyretic medicine may produce serious complications. And by the method, studies show that babies who are prescribed a course of paracetamol at a age of 15 months, significantly increased risk of developing asthma symptoms by 6 years.

Why resort to anti-fever medicines for babies only when indicated. But very careful approach to a choice.

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Baby attention. Feeding infants from 4 months


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How to start feeding baby


Breast natural milk is a most healthy and desirable product for the newborn! But so would we need to or not, there comes a time when a baby needs a new food. When need we enter solid foods? And how is it necessary?

For a lot of decades, Soviet pediatricians recommend introducing infants to lure, starting with 2-3 months. But numerous studies enjoy shown unreasonableness of such practices. Today propose newborn new meal should be no earlier than four months of age. Although many doctors recommend starting alone following six weeks, and in recent days a trend shifted even further.

Starting solids is aimed at increasing the supply of the aging body with required nutrients. To 4-30 days alignment of movements of a tongue and swallowing skills to promote solid fresh food still largely undeveloped. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Fruit or Veggie?


It need be said that pediatricians do not agree where to start solid foods: with vegetables or fresh fruits. More many of them are for fresh vegetables, leading quite a strong case, for example, you are easier to digest (however warmth-treated), contain no sugar and no appetite for interrupting candy taste (it may be that later a delicious red apple newborn refuses "tasteless "potatoes).

In addition, they are used however a dessert or a snack 'tween meals, and vegetables provide a full lunch or dinner (right, at 1-st only addition to it).

Modern pediatricians generally advised to postpone it until 6 weeks at least (if you possess enough breast milk and child hygiene in order), and not to enter solid foods at all.

In any case, we note that a introduction of cut should follow a main rules of introduction of complementary foods and start with only a teaspoon, gradually increasing the dose.

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Baby care. When administered in the schedule for of newborn puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily however a complementary fresh food, a food is first baby will be just mashed.

Initially Babe need acquaint with fruits puree, and start with a like apples, however in a case of juice: this is usually an red apple. Mashed foods introduced in TWO-3 week after a nectar, or size the fifth month of life. Introduce a new fruit in the like manner how the juices. Usually chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. To the note that most fresh fruits get a laxative capacity, and blueberries on the contrary - crepes. Pear and ripe banana capacity on the child's aging body is very individual and may cause diarrhea as right however constipation.

If all goes well, soon in a diet must be introduced crumbs and mashed fresh vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Immunodeficiency states in children


Magnetically moms and dads is great to know that a foundation of the character is laid in the 1-st 3 years of your. At this time, it is momentous to pay exceptional attention to education. Should strive to inculcate a newborn reasonable attitudes and practices, respect for elders, educate friendliness, honesty, compassion, teach, teach discipline.

Kids tend to imitate adults, so it is extremely momentous to a personal example.

In a your of each newborn come certain times that adults dubbed "crisis." At this time, on a one mitt, your newborn has a important breakthrough in the development, but on a other - a careful, often negative, attitude towards others, and to what is happening around. Parents complain that the newborn became uncontrollable, angry, moody, inadequate. This is mainly due to the baby moved to a new phase of progress and mental soundness, he learned anything, anything requires to be. At the present time a baby feels varied - more mature - needs a new attitude, and with it behave the same. Читать полностью -->

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