Moms. Indications for lowering a aging body temperature of a child are:


Temperature increases are whiter than 39.5 in kids of any age.

The baby has a "pale fever", or hyperthermia syndrome.

Moderate body temperature (38,0-38,5 ° C) in a following groups of children:

Since severe diseases of a cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and other systems;

Babies ages 3-5 years old with a history of febrile seizures;

Age up to 2 months, so you suffer fever worse than older kids;

A rise in body temperature, if it is accompanied by a significant deterioration in newborn soundness and muscle and headaches.

However, pediatricians recommend not to shoot down the temperature of a child itself (only in emergency situations), and call the physician. All of antipyretic therapy must ideally be carried out under his direction and supervision. Because even a most innocuous antipyretic medicine may produce serious complications. And by the method, studies show that babies who are prescribed a course of paracetamol at a age of 15 months, significantly increased risk of developing asthma symptoms by 6 years.

Why resort to anti-fever medicines for babies only when indicated. But very careful approach to a choice.

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